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Thoughtware process flow

Research Findings Results

Identify—study launched (via teleconference)

  • Review measurement focus,  process and participants
  • Schedule investigation (onsite/remote)

Investigate—(research and Interview)

  • Minimally invasive to customer
  • Participants include a cross-section of the enterprise (Finance IT business)

Collect—All available information is collected.  Additional information is gathered after follow-ups and during the compilation phase

Economic Model—Supporting Details Collaborative iterative process. 
  • Final customer review to ensure adoption and support of findings

Executive Findings Report—20 - 40 page presentation for CXO’s summarizing business problem, solution decision, value realized and prescriptive guidance to harvest additional value.

Marketing ROI Study—A detailed, multi-page (6-14), marketing case study told in a graphical, prose style complimented by a 1 page sales sheet

  • A subset of customer material, masking sensitive or proprietary data to maintain integrity of the study without compromising or exposing the customer
  • Thoughtware Worldwide produces content written in collaboration with the customer and the underwriter to ensure alignment of messaging and publication approval

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