Helvetia Patria turns to HP to create industry leading e-Insurance Solutions — realizes 201% ROI

SAN FRANCISCO, California, September 19, 2005 — Helvetia Patria Versicherungen, realizes 201-percent return on investment leveraging HP products and solutions to create industry leading
e-Insurance Solution according to an independent study conducted by Thoughtware Worldwide, LLC, an independent research and consulting firm specializing in value measurement.

Helvetia Patria Group is an international insurance group with subsidiaries, branches and business interests across Europe. The group was formed from the merger of Helvetia (a non-life insurer) and Patria Life Insurance. The St. Gallen, Switzerland, based company employs 4,700 staff and has presence in six European countries. As Switzerland's fifth largest insurer, Helvetia Patria sells life, property & casualty insurance, and reinsurance, as well as private and occupational pension plans. Geographically, the company's core markets consist of Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Spain, Austria, and France.

In 2000, Helvetia Patria Versicherungen (HPV) recognized a fundamental need to take advantage of alternative sales channels as an opportunity to expand its market share. HPV operates regionally in an autonomous fashion, but HPV saw an opportunity to move away from these regional silos, to centralize and collaborate across the organization.

Given HPV’s large geographic footprint (different languages, cultures, and business practices), HPV envisioned a centralized Internet-based platform (the eBusiness Center) as a way to bring people together while leveraging technology to standardize and open new distribution channels. Additionally, HPV wanted to expand data sharing and process automation, while maintaining strict data security. HPV saw the eBusiness Center as a way to improve consistency and high-touch quality service, its core differentiators. Given the magnitude of investment, HPV was concerned that any decision could lock them into obsolete technology and become a barrier to future opportunities.

Hewlett Packard (HP) proposed an innovative, modular approach leveraging its successful e-Banking platform and adapting it to the insurance industry backed by a team of industry veterans from the Swiss and European markets. HP’s technology offered the functionality, flexibility and adaptability that HPV required, allowing HPV to become an Adaptive Enterprise. HP’s proven NIMIUS platform, which was previously implemented and recommended by two of HPV’s key banking partners, played a key role in HPV’s decision.

By using HP products and services, HPV has reduced operational costs, expanded distribution channels and increased profitability generating a Return on Investment (ROI) of 111% in 3 years; increasing on average an additional 30% each year, building to an impressive 201% ROI in year six.

Technology — Reliability, Flexibility and Adaptability
In HP, Helvetia Patria found a proven platform, NIMIUS, a 3-tier integration platform providing base functionalities and concepts for presentation, business logic services and an information system of secure data. As NIMIUS was being used by two of HPV’s key banking partners, which provided excellent references, HPV was assured that the solution would meet its strict security guidelines. Moreover, leveraging the platform’s advanced functionality, the implementation was on time and on budget. “The use of HP’s Consulting & Integration Services and Technology decreased the implementation time of the eBusiness Center by at least 6 months,” said Didier Beck, Head eBusiness Center. During development, the eBusiness platform proved to be quite flexible and reliable, making new modules easy to install with minimal downtime.

eBusiness Center Qualitative Benefits
Beyond the financial returns, the Thoughtware Worldwide study uncovered a number of operational and technological benefits resulting from the operation of the eBusiness Center:

  • 272% Increase in Number of Hits The number of users that have been electronically visiting the eBusiness Center has been increasing since 2003. It is estimated that over 20 million hits will have been registered in 2005
  • 142% Increase in Number of Log-ins The number of Log-ins to the eBusiness Center has more than doubled between 2003 and 2005. In 2005 alone it is estimated that there will be about 170,000 Log-ins, an increase of 142% since 2003
  • 59% Reduction in Operational Costs For the period 2003-2005, HPV increased efficiencies in running the eBusiness Center which resulted in lower operating costs for the last three years.

Quantifiable Benefits
Thoughtware Worldwide, LLC.’s analysis showed that the eBusiness Center’s volume of annual premiums jumped 133% in 2004. This can be directly attributed to the increased capacity of their volume throughput, enabled by the efficiency of the eBusiness platform. The following illustration represents the key economic benefits, contributing to the ROI of 201% realized:
“In analyzing HPV’s results, the overarching theme for us was synergy. We believe HPV’s results are indicative of what is possible when the right combination is brought together -- proven technology, industry experts, and a true desire to collaborate with the customer,” said Timothy Guyre, Managing Director, Thoughtware Worldwide, LLC.

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About Helvetia Patria Group
The Helvetia Patria is a Europe-wide active insurance service provider with core competencies in risk management (life and non-life insurance business, reinsurance) as well as in private pensions. The Group is active in Central – and Southern Europe through is regional offices, subsidiaries and associated companies. The Group headquarters are located in St. Gallen, Switzerland while the headquarters for Switzerland are in Basle. Just under 4,800 employees are providing services to more than two million customers in six European countries. About 2,200 employees are working for the insurer in Switzerland. The group generated a premium volume of over CHF 5.3 billion in 2003. The registered shares of Helvetia Patria Holding are part of the Swiss Performance Index (SPI) and are traded at the Swiss Stock Exchange (SWX) under the symbol HEPN.

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